NWDR20.2 & NWDR21 image release announcement

Basil Gunn

Yes 2 images.

After spending some time trying to upgrade nwdr20.1 image to the new
Raspbian release based on Debian Bullseye 11.1, I have concluded that
currently (Nov 14) it is not possible to do that. If you attempt to
follow some instructions on how to do a distribution upgrade you WILL
make your SD card unbootable.

Let me say that again. Updating your nwdr image from buster to
bullseye will render your SD card unbootable.

You can tell which Debian/Raspbian release currently being used by:

cat /etc/*release

On the download site: http://nwdig.net/downloads/ there 2 images in the
download directory nwdr20.2.img.xz, nwdr21.img.xz.

current_image.img.xz is a symbolic link to nwdr20.2.img.xz which is
based on buster and is a refresh of the nwdr20.1 image.

The nwdr21.img.xz image is based on bullseye and is a clean re-install
of all the programs. This means you may find problems and if you do I
will fix them ASAP.

Both images use Linux kernel 5.10.63-v7l+ #1459 and work with UDRC
II/DRAWS hats.

See ChangeLog file for more information.

Below is snippet from one of the many Internet sites on how to upgrade
from buster to bullseye

"It's worth noting from the start that upgrading Raspberry Pi OS from
Buster (based on Debian 10 Buster) to Bullseye (based on Debian 11
Bullseye) is not officially supported because there are important
changes between major Debian version upgrades, and the recommended way
to get it is to create a new SD card with the new release. The system
may break (some things may not work, it may not be able to boot, etc.)
when upgrading!"

/Basil n7nix

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