Re: NWDR20.2 & NWDR21 image release announcement

Erwin OE1EKG

Hello Basil,

after a long time I can write some feedback. First, the latest image 20.1 was the first one which was more ore less out of the box for me - straight forward and fast to implement - great job.

Today I gave the new image 21 a try. After the first boot I got 2 error screens that the HAT couldn't be found. Second, when I switch to VNC for the going forward in the installation and initialization of the programs the response (mouse, keyboard) was very slow - on LAN and WLAN VNC. So it is not workable. Only with a direct connection (mouse, keyboard, screen) to the raspy it is workable. I did a second fresh SD card but with the same problem. One remark, it is not possible - or I was not able to find out how to change the screen resolution. In the raspy-config the setting ist not available anymore.
Switched back to my 20.1 SD card it runs without a problem.

I have a Pi 4 so resources shouldn't be a problem.

73 de Erwin, OE1EKG

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