Re: PAT Mailbox #pat

Basil Gunn

Hi Erwin,

A couple of things.

1. If you get "error: localhost:8080", it is most likely that DRAWS
Manager is running and not allowing PAT to use that port. You can
confirm by:

# First make sure you have the most current n7nix repo (scripts).

cd n7nix/config

# Then run a script to determine if DRAWS manager is running:

cd n7nix/email/pat
./ status

That will tell you if DRAWS manager is running or some other process is
using port 8080. To kill DRAWS manager and free up port 8080: stop

2. paclink-unix & PAT are 2 separate winlink clients.
I would focus on PAT. I have found that paclink-unix & PAT point-2-point
listeners can NOT co-exist. I am working on a script that will allow
setting up either and change back if required. Currently you can stop
the paclink-unix listener by running:

cd n7nix/email/pat
./ -d

That will disable the paclink-unix listener and allow you to install a
PAT listener for point-2-point operation.

Hope that helps.
/Basil n7nix

All of the installation (2.02) is running - great. Now I want to
install PAT Mailbox. I went to the last description of a past post
from you but this was not running. I'm struggling were I can fix the
problem. I went through the description on your GITHUB and after to but with no
positiv result. When I start the PAT-mailbox from the desktop icon but
it ends up in an error: localhost:8080 ... result "This site can’t be
reachedlocalhost refused to connect." What can I do next?

73 de Erwin, OE1EKG

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