Re: Pi es Hat temperature

Basil Gunn

The most common problem with an RPi running hot is badly installed heat
sinks and/or a case that restricts air flow.

Adhesive thermal pads on heat sinks can act as insulators instead of
conducting the heat to the heat sink.

You should use thermal paste like Artic Silver and the heat
sinks should be of good quality like Vilros or Enokay.

Personally for a Raspberry Pi 4 I like the Geekworm Armor case or
Embedded heat sinks.

I have never used a fan with any of my Raspberry Pi and none of them run hot.

Verify heat problems by running:
which will give you an instantaneous temperature and display if your Pi has ever been

To verify the RPi temperature check out installing this graph repo which will
plot CPU activity, ambient temperature and RPi temperature

K3VIN <ka8yiu@...> writes:

I was asked in another group, one for JS8, what I was doing about
temperature on my Pi. Here is my response and pic of my fan install.

I have been getting mid to upper 60's C, with one time I noted 71,
72C. I decided to add some heat sinks to the Pi, and I was seeing the
temp jump to mid 70's. The case was noticeably hotter to the touch as
well. Finally I added a small 12v fan to the side of the case, and the
temp dropped back to the mid 60's.

I don't know what is up with the heat sinks, but I removed them but
kept the fan, and I am constantly in the low to mid 50's! As I type
this, the temp is 48C.

Kevin, K3VIN

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