Re: Pi es Hat temperature

Erwin OE1EKG

Hi Basil,

yes my Raspi gets also hot, about 60 degree Celsius. It's not possible to install heatsinks like this one on the photo, cause they have to Bussi Erwin fastened from the bottom but there are the distance from the original DRAWS case and they are fixed and I can't remove them. The next thing ist, that the distance between the Raspi with the cooling part and Draws HAT is very close, so the connecter fits most of the way in but I have to isolate this parts.
One solution could Bussi Erwin to shorten the existing distances from the DRAWS case and fix the cooling part with screws from the bottom side so the connecters are free again.
But Basil what solution for cooling in the DRAWS case do you have in use? 

Tks et 73 de Erwin, OE1EKG

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