Re: DRAWS for KX3 IQ capture

Annaliese McDermond

Be careful about this.

Yes, there is a 196ksps sample rate in the tlv320aic3204.  I made sure the driver supported that when I wrote the code to expand the sample rates.  If you notice in the application guide, though, the antialiasing filter for the 196ksps sample rate cuts off at 20kHz.  So, if you are expecting to see pandadapters that are 192kHz wide on your display, you won't get them.  There'll be rolloff at 20kHz.  See the description of filter C on page 30 of the aforementioned application note.  If you want to see wide pans, go with 96kHz which should work okay from the filter descriptions there.

Annaliese McDermond, NH6Z

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