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Jeremy McDermond <mcdermj@...>

On Oct 12, 2016, at 1:11 PM, John M Wysocki ZL2TWS <zl2tws@...> wrote:


Yes I can confirm there is no timercontrol config file in /etc/opendv.

I used this and the same.

pi@compass:~ $ sudo timercontrol -confdir /etc/opendv

Fatal Error: Assertion failed on line 38 in file TimerControl/TimerControlRemoteControlHandler.cpp and function CTimerControlRemoteControlHandler: !address.IsEmpty() 

Right, because there’s no configuration file in there.  There’s no configuration file, and it won’t complain about that fact.  That just means that it can’t get your gateway’s IP address to control it, so it throws this assertion.

pi@compass:~ $ 

The Config files I have in /etc/opendv are:
dstarrepeater_1, ircddbgateway, starnetserver and timeserver

Should remotecontrol also be there because I cannot get the remotecontrol dashboard to function as it does on all other images I have DG9VH installed on?
Remote control is working using smart phone app by David PA7LIM but not via www-data.

I want to make Compass the same as other images for Pi2 and Pi3 that we now expect to be fully functional with G4KLX.

/etc/opendv is where the configuration should go for *everything*.  I don’t think that timer control is doing the correct thing right now.  I need an opportunity to make the code match the way it should work.  In the mean time, place your configuration file for timercontrol in /etc/opendv and use the -confdir flag.  I’ll push a new package out when I can to fix this more permanently.

Regards, John ZL2TWS

Jeremy McDermond

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