Re: SD Surprise

John McDonough

On Wed, 2016-10-12 at 17:45 -0700, Richard - VE7CVS wrote:
If you shrink the filesystem before you save it, you can restore it
expand it to the size of the destination card.

I use tools like dd, resize2fs and fdisk to manipulate filesystems.
I use dd to make the backups, and certainly I can muck with the
filesystem sizes, but it is just so convenient to just tell dd to copy
this file to this device with no messing around.  I suppose if I think
about it, a little bash pixie dust could automate the process tho.

These commands are worth learning if you want to understand how 
filesystems and storage work.

But then, I rarely do things the easy way, and I have a compulsion
know how things work. :-)
hmmm ... sounds familiar ;)

- Richard, VE7CVS

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