Re: Loosing Last 1/2 second of transmission

John Blaisdell


Thanks for the help. I haven't really looked into audio levels settings since we only have the one complaint. But, now I will. Again thanks.


John W4CJB 

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From: Rich KR4PI <rich.schnieders@...>
Date: 10/13/16 8:59 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [udrc] Loosing Last 1/2 second of transmission

John, the ID-5100 is the pickiest on audio levels coming out of the repeater. I have found that with my ID-5100 I have to go into alsamixer and adjust the levels while listening on the ID-5100. I have to set PCM at 2db gain, ADC at -2 db gain and LO Driver at 0 db gain. I have an IC-7100 which is very tolerant of just about any setting, my ID51a+ is pretty tolerant but the ID-5100 requires these settings. I suggest setting them while monitoring on the 5100. BTW this is well documented on many different kinds of hotspots with the ID-5100, it is not a problem with the UDRC.

As far as our losing the last portion of every transmission I replaced the raspberry pi, loaded brand new image on the pi along with increasing the TX Delay and TX tail and have successfully eliminated the loss at the end of a transmission. We also did a factory reset of the DR-1X. We have discovered a couple of times the DR-1X would not respond properly to the UDRC and the only solution was a factory reset of the DR-1X which is pretty quick. The repeater is working great now.

Thanks for all the help.

Rich, KR4PI

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