Re: Low transmit levels on channel 1

Art - KC7SDA

its an ic-2200h, 1200, alsamixer is the default setup file from the directions, and connected though the din6 on the udrc using the 1200 connection (ain i think? i need to find the schematic) and plugged into the mic and speaker ports of my rig. the rig works wonderfully with a signalink with no problems, and with the HT I can barely hear the packet, but when I change the audio levels nothing happens to it, even when I use sudo alsactl save after changing the mixer settings. I can try with another rig or two but I fear the same issue =(

Budd, WB7FHC, is going to give me his image that works well with his setup, it could be a wiring issue on my end (we can do some trouble shooting later) but I do believe that either something isn't getting set right or something isn't wired right =/


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