Show us your DRAWS setup photos (reset) #draws #photos

Jack Spitznagel

Apologize for doing a subject reset. The original post was lost here. I think it was David [kg5eiu] who originally posted the request but the original does not seem to be in the UDRC subgroup.


My original intent was to come up with custom design to 3D print myself. When discussion of the Smarti Pi Touch case came up, I realized that my needs would be met going that way with a little kitbashing. I want something completely integrated, with minimal cabling and power requirements, so the suggested external monitors were not in the cards - just my preference - the unit has to fit in backpack with a radio and a reasonable solar charged battery system that can support 4-5 hours use.


Found a discount deal on the case kit with the RPi "official" touch screen, with it ordered the *deep* case back cover and a couple of NTE parts (micro rocker switch and 5mm chassis mount coaxial power socket). I already had the 3" of hook up wire (hobby shelf) and scrounged a spare angled plug assembly with Powerpoles installed from my KX3 kit.  I just happened to have a mini keyboard and the RTS01 USB to ICOM CIV programing adapter. I printed the standoff extenders in black PLA and just did enough finishing to clean out the overhang supports and get them to fit.


The back cover needed a couple of strategic cutouts for access to the DIN connectors and the GPS SMA connector. A hole was also drilled for power connector socket. I twisted some hookup wire and the power pigtail fairly tight to get a little stray RF "resistance". Trimmed the pigtail and hookup wire as short as I could get away with. Figured if I had RF noise issues I could put a clip-on ferrite on the power lead. It was not needed. I now have a DRAWS that will be good for my trail kit FT-817 or the KX3 (when I finish the miniDIN 6 adapter). For "QRO" Field Day/POTA/EMCOMM out of the mobile I'll use the IC-7000 shown. If I just have to have a bigger screen, I will investigate using a laptop logged in to the RPi. I have been using the 7" for a while and do not find it a problem.

 Comments welcome. Enjoy:

Jack Spitznagel