Reprise on IC-7000 with DRAWS #draws #fldigi #ic7000 #wsjt-x

Jack Spitznagel

Basil and Bryan,


Since you were able to borrow an IC-7000 to test, were you able to make any additional observations on setting up the DRAWS output for this radio with HF digital programs?


My IC-7000 is working beautifully on FM/VHF packet, so from my last tests, the problem seemed to be an HF/SSB level issue, possible something software specific but I was not able to narrow it. Explorations stopped with the last BETA when the highest output of DRAWS suddenly became too low to drive the 7000 to power in USB-HF. The opposite was true in previous BETAs. That part still baffles me. The SignaLink works fine for HF on the radio – so I know it is not a “local radio/operator problem” per se.


The FT-817 works beautifully both VHF FM and HF SSB, but does not have the power useful for EMCOMM use. Hauling a separate amp around adds complexity I am hoping to avoid. Still have not had time to pirate the cable pieces I need for the KX3 from other projects… more to come there.


Really looking forward to see you launch this puppy –





Jack Spitznagel




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