Kenwood TM-281a Cable

Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...>

I'm looking to make a cable for my 281 so I can get APRS up and running. 

Here are my thoughts:

DIN PIN   Purpose Radio PIN
1         AFIN     6               
2         GND      5 
3         PTT      4               
4         DISCOUT  N/C               
5         AFOUT    Rear Speaker Ring
6         SQL      N/C

Kenwood Mic Cable:

How does that look to yous guys?

- Steve, KM9G


make sure you connect to the 'tip' not the ring of the speaker jack for audio out of the radio

and the volume control knob affects the received signal audio level

Daniel Corwin

There’s  documentation on where to tap inside the radio so it won’t have the volume knob adjusting the levels. Let me see if I can find it. 

Daniel Corwin

Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...>

Awesome, thanks!

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