J P Watters <kc9kko@...>

Setup a DRAWS as a RMSGW. It works nicely for WINLINK Digipeater Clients. 

Is there any guidance to install LINBPQ to provide NODE, CHAT and BBS to use the existing RMSGW instance of Direwolf

Currently installed LINBPQ in /home/pi/linbpq 

Is there a better location for the application files. 

Many of the other nodes in the region are using LINBPQ as the foundation of their RMSGW/NODE/CHAT/BBS

including a sample BPQ32.CFG file would be helpful.

Charlie Hein

Bumping this up to see if it gets any attention.  I'm wanting to try BPQ32 with the DRAWS card and Direwolf - anyone been through this already?


J P Watters <kc9kko@...>


I am at the almost there point. Our statewide packet network is based on BPQ. 
There are various documents on the "internet" that describe the installation of LINBPQ
using DIREWOLF with takes advantage of the Direwolf's builtin KISS TNC. 

I have done the steps below that install the core components, and my next steps are to install LINBPQ (which I have yet to do)
I have tried alot of other things and my research has boiled down to the following. 

The cool part is, download, write it to a card, and boot it up,
let the initial setup wizard that autoruns on first boot run.

Then run the core setup that Basil has developed.
It can be found at

Initial Config Detail

  • If you are running with an attached monitor you should see the Raspbian 'Welcome to Raspberry Pi' piwiz splash screen
    • Follow the screens as you would on any other Raspbian install.
    • When prompted to restart the RPi please do so.
Update configurations scripts
cd n7nix
git pull

sudo su
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
# revert back to normal user
Configure core functionality
  • Whether you want direwolf for packet functionality or run HF apps with the draws HAT do the following:
cd n7nix/config
# Become root
sudo su
./ core
  • The above script sets up the following:

    • iptables
    • RPi login password
    • RPi host name
    • mail host name
    • time zone
    • current time via chrony
    • AX.25
    • direwolf
    • systemd
  • Now reboot your RPi

Then in a terminal session, "sudo systemctl enable direwolf"
That enables the system deamon to start direwolf on boot.
Then in a terminal session, "sudo systemctl start direwolf"
which will start direwolf for the first time.
That is all that is needed to get direwolf running. 
if you run ax25-status, it will show the deamon's that are running. 
the only thing at this point will be direwolf. 

Then use the Guide
Start following the steps about 1/2 way down the page. 

 the first steps should be:
sudo mkdir linbpq
cd linbpq
sudo wget
sudo mv pilinbpq linbpq
sudo chmod +x linbpq

Continue following the guide to get LINBPQ running.

After getting LINBPQ is installed and running, you can 
set it up to auto start as outlined below. 

Use this to configure LINBPQ to run automagically.

Charlie Hein

Hi JP!  Thanks!  Your info should help a lot!

I've got through the initial setup script.  I have a question out there about the AX.25 addressing it asked for during the setup, but it looks as if this can be ignored (although I'm not at all sure why).  If this is the case, I can try running through the rest of your process here and see what happens.  Worst case scenario I totally botch the whole thing and start over from scratch.  Won't be the first time.

Now I need to get to making up the cable that goes from the DRAWS to my HT, which I'll be using for testing.  Haven't seen a good doc on how to make one of those either.  

Charlie (73 de N4NVD)