Temporary mobile RMS Gateway for EMCOM #winlink #rms

Matthew Kozma <matthew@...>

I am thinking of creating a mobile RMS gateway for temporary use on ARES & Search and Rescue missions. I have a rPi with a UDRC II in my vehicle. It is configured to run APRS using a radio on the DB15 port.  I also have a second radio connected the din port.  This radio is used by my laptop running Winlink and connecting via KISS port 2.  I have a hot spot in the vehicle too and was considering installing the RMS gateway on the rPi so that I can operate as a temporary RMS using that second radio.  My question is how can I start and stop the RMS gateway service.  I want to be able to control when that function is running.     


Basil has limited email access for a few days, maybe ping this when he is back.