Just starting out #draws

Paul Noa

I just received my new draws unit (Hat Only).

I am using Pi 3B+.  I have reviewed as much online documentation I can find but not sure which is the latest, did not expect a beta version on the support page...

I am not sure if I have installed the proper/best version of software and would like not to go to far down the wrong path if possible.

My application is simple and limited to one goal: track multiple assets using FoxtrotGPS with DireWolf using a single radio.

Any help getting me started sorting all of the options would be greatly appreciated. perhaps simply a confirmation the support page downloads are the latest and most reliable.


Ryan Matthew Headley

If your only application will be as you describe, I would suggest foregoing the DRAWS image.

Download Raspbian with Desktop (NOT the one with 'recommeded software'); install gpsd, direwolf, and FoxtrotGPS; and you are good to go without a lot of complication.

Be sure to make the changes in /boot/config.txt to enable the DRAWS hat described at the bottom of the 'Getting Started' page.

This may not be what you are looking for, but this is what I would do with for such a straightforward single application.

Paul Noa


Thanks for that advice, I was hoping there would be a minimal configuration as well, so this sounds good.

To clarify, so there is no need to download the latest image from NWDR/support, correct?

Could you be more specific on the Raspian with Desktop? I already have an image with a Debian blend, the option not in NOOBS but from

Thanks fro your support in advance,


Ryan Matthew Headley

This is the image you should use if you need and X server:

If you can get by without a desktop, this install is a little over half the size of the above version with the X server.

Either way, make sure that you make the changes to /boot/config.txt to enable to DRAWS hat.

When you go to configure your specific software packages, the DRAWS board shows up as the ALSA device 'UDRC.'