Just starting out #draws

Ryan Matthew Headley

This is the image you should use if you need and X server:

If you can get by without a desktop, this install is a little over half the size of the above version with the X server.

Either way, make sure that you make the changes to /boot/config.txt to enable to DRAWS hat.

When you go to configure your specific software packages, the DRAWS board shows up as the ALSA device 'UDRC.'

Paul Noa


Thanks for that advice, I was hoping there would be a minimal configuration as well, so this sounds good.

To clarify, so there is no need to download the latest image from NWDR/support, correct?

Could you be more specific on the Raspian with Desktop? I already have an image with a Debian blend, the option not in NOOBS but from

Thanks fro your support in advance,


Ryan Matthew Headley

If your only application will be as you describe, I would suggest foregoing the DRAWS image.

Download Raspbian with Desktop (NOT the one with 'recommeded software'); install gpsd, direwolf, and FoxtrotGPS; and you are good to go without a lot of complication.

Be sure to make the changes in /boot/config.txt to enable the DRAWS hat described at the bottom of the 'Getting Started' page.

This may not be what you are looking for, but this is what I would do with for such a straightforward single application.

Paul Noa

I just received my new draws unit (Hat Only).

I am using Pi 3B+.  I have reviewed as much online documentation I can find but not sure which is the latest, did not expect a beta version on the support page...

I am not sure if I have installed the proper/best version of software and would like not to go to far down the wrong path if possible.

My application is simple and limited to one goal: track multiple assets using FoxtrotGPS with DireWolf using a single radio.

Any help getting me started sorting all of the options would be greatly appreciated. perhaps simply a confirmation the support page downloads are the latest and most reliable.