Sarting packet using Direwolf #direwolf

Basil Gunn

When you start ax.25, ax25-start, direwolf is started as well.
Verify with any of these commands:
pidof direwolf
ax25-status -d

Once ax25-start is run direwolf will load from boot using systemd every
time after until you run ax25-stop

The direwolf configuration file is in /etc as in /etc/direwolf.conf

You possibly have 2 instances of direwolf running since you tried to
start it from a gui. Running `pidof direwolf` should only come back with a
single process id, pid. If you see 2 pids then reboot.

DO NOT START direwolf with a gui. Since it is a daemon it should be
started with systemd and that's what ax25-start enables.

For Winlink I recommend configuring paclink-unix then choosing either
claws-mail or rainloop web mail as a mail interface.

cd n7nix
sudo su
./ plu

For reference:

Todd via <> writes:

Need help starting Direwolf. Started Ax25 and try and start Direwolf
from menu and this is all I get. Shows for about 5 seconds. Also,
can't find anywhere how to start Winlink.

Dire Wolf DEVELOPMENT version 1.6 G (Aug 21 2020)
Includes optional support for: gpsd hamlib cm108-ptt
ERROR - Could not open config file /home/pi/direwolf.conf
Try using -c command line option for alternate location.
Audio device for both receive and transmit: default (channel 0)
ALSA lib pcm.c:2565:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM input
Could not open audio device default for input
No such file or directory
Pointless to continue without audio device.


Thanks Basil. Got it.