UDRC - II? PTT Random Stuck #udrc


Greetings to all the group.

Lurker from a long time, i had decided to use my UDRC in dstar repeater, the setup was easy, just a couple of hours figuring out some stuff with alsa, but none the less it was an easy setup.

Now for the problem, I have a really old UDRC i dont know if it is a II version, check the image for more reference, i bought it from Dayton a long time ago and didn't use it until now, i have a random problem with the PTT being stuck at very random times, mostly this will happen once there is activity on any reflector (+5 mins long QSO's), but is really random is not repeatable and i cannot reproduce this failure easy, some times will stuck after reboot + relink  , some days will work flawless, but one thing i had noticed, is that is becoming much more common.

Using ptt_crtl.sh will free the gpio ptt, but dstar audio processing stops, i neeed to restart dstarrepeater at least, i had tried just stopping dstarrepeaterd, and PTT will still would be stuck , it is either reboot the PI or ,  using ptt_ctl and restart dstarrepeaterd process.

I had read on the wiki the update to the firmware on the FTP, but is down i cannot get the udrc-ii-flash.zip image to perform the firmware update, i cannot tell if this is a II version with the wrong flash and, i cannot know if this would cure the problem.

this is the UDRC i have and this is the output 

cat /proc/device-tree/hat/product
Universal Digital Radio Controller