Michael Champion Sr

Will DMR be possible with UDRC?




Richard Hyde <kyserver@...>

Did you get a reply? I would like to know also 


To all of our Ham friends interested in DMR

The UDRC does not currently support DMR, there are a few issues:

* Motorola Licensing cost is prohibitive
* Yes I know many hams ignore this problem but that’s no way to run a business
* The UDRC works with radios well above the half watt limit of Tier I
* There is no Open Source SW available on a Linux platform
MMDVM is open source but it’s a 2 processor/board solution
* Our HW doesn’t support TDMA
* We have a prelim TDMA design and the UDRC-II has a FPGA expansion slot to support it
* We’d build it if the above issues could be solved

Thanks for your interest,
Bryan K7UDR

Dennis Engdahl

Your sixth point is moot (Your HW doesn't support TDMA).

For DMR, the repeater sends a continuous carrier which contains both slot 1 and slot 2.  One of them is

dimply idle if it is not used, but the carrier is still present.  Therefore, the HW does not need to switch the transmitter

at high frequency.  It is the user's radio which must be able to switch quickly.