DR1X, dstarrepeater and SVXLink with UDRCII


I just ordered a UDRCII and while waiting for it to arrive I have been going through the forums to learn as much as I can. I originally ordered the UDRCII for our club DR1X to add dstar capabilities to make a tri-mode repeater but in reading through the various NWDR groups it appears I may be able to do more with it. I have seen references to running both dstarrepeater and dummyrepeater/AMBEserver and using ircddbgateway to facilitate interaction between the two. Is it also possible to use ircddbgateway for dstarrepeater and dummyrepeater/SVXLink to allow for control of the analog side of our repeater as well as adding dstar? If not using ircddbgateway, is there another way to run both dstarrepeater and SVXLink to the same DR1X?