DR1X will at times with UDRC2


I have a dvrptr board connected to a gm300 that acts as gateway, running G2 link at my house. This setup has been working for the past 4 to 5 years now. The repeater is about 10 miles away, with two gm300 connected via DRC board. I have DR1X setup with UDRC2 board and have it listening on the input frequency of the gateway radio, which is only a few feet away from the DR1X. I have been listening on REF30C and just monitering on two separate radios, one on DR1X, which is basically on dummy load, (until I take it to the repeater site) and the repeater that is about 10 miles away,  and listens on my gateway for Dstar. Sometimes, The DR1X with udrc, will show RX, but will not TX the DR1X, and the light on the udrc that shows TX, does not light up, But at the same time, I am hearing traffic with no problem on my homebrew repeater, which is 10 miles away and is listening on my gateway, so I dont think there is anything wrong with the data coming from my gateway. The UDRC is setup on duplex under the dstarrepeater setup and it works pretty good, but it just misses the TX at times. 
I have looked at the timout timer, but that's not it. I have set it to at least 4 min. The udrc is decoding the headers on RX, ( on the logs ), while this is happening, but wont key up.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance: