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A few people have observed that not everything is immediately available as documentation as they bring up their DRAWS™ HAT.

I would like to clarify that being an early adopter, is much like a beta tester and as such we will take the questions that come up and use them in generating Wiki posts, FAQ, and similar documentation over time.  We will also use this information to build better tools to support DRAWS™ products like the HAT and the workstation.  As an early adopter, you received special pricing, in part, because we knew you would be exploring new territory without some of the answers.

This forum is a place to ask questions and help each other.  The people that develop the NW Digital Radio products are on the list and will provide feedback.  It may be a pointer to some documentation, or another source (especially for applications, which we haven't written and need those projects to provide answers) or give knowledge that we have, as developers.  There is no hidden book, that we refer to, to provide answers and advice.  If we are asked and provide an answer, it will show up in the list, or on the Wiki.

This will be your primary documentation and keeping up on this list will help you get the most from your DRAWS™ product.  Also, the use of hashtags allows you to narrow searches via forum messages page.

The recently published starter image has many applications that run on your DRAWS™ HAT and Raspberry Pi, give them a try using the script from here to start the sound system setup and adjust for your radio.  Once settings are set for a given radio, you should be able to move from program to program, configure, and run without further adjustments to audio levels.

Also, we invite you to put up your own discoveries for others to benefit.  If you have an interesting project or application, share it to help inspire others on what can be done.

Thank you to everyone who is participating in the early adopter program.  

John D. Hays