Eric Grumling

Hello to the group. I bought a UDRC (version 1) a few years ago figuring it would be useful for something someday. Well, that time has come and I am looking at using it with a HobbyPCB RS-UV Radio Shield and the accompanying 5 Watt power amplifier. The idea is to send voice audio and control over a wifi link to a drone (3D Robotics SOLO) which would hover 400 feet up, kind of like remote rig but just between the ground station and the drone. I want to use a Raspberry Pi Zero-W for the project since the max payload for my drone is about 700 grams and much of that will be the antenna and feed line. I will be using the drone’s battery to power, there is a regulated +5Vdc available line but the max draw is 1A so no Pi3, and a +16Vdc rail available for the radio. The less power used the more flight time too.

Has anyone in the group tried using the RS-UV with the UDRC? Any conflicts with between the UDRC and the Pi’s onboard UART and a GPIO (TX) pin for controlling the RS-UV? Any recommendations for lightweight VoIP software? Currently looking at Seren ( for the audio link and some bodged/borrowed python for the radio controller and PTT (there are contact closures available on the drone too, but would prefer to use the Pi). Also thinking about an APRS digi or an SSTV transmitter too, depending on how well this works.


Eric Grumling