new membership and NW DRAWS with Codan NGT and/or 9360


Hello from Switzerland (HB9DUW, op. Tino) and happy new year!

Thank you for letting me in.

I became aware of DRAWS HAT only recently and find it a good option
for my project :

Setting up remote HF ARDOP station on a Raspberry and Codan NGT SR(x) and/or 9360.

Does someone know the NW DRAWS pinout for these particular TXs?

I'd like also please to get some of your experiences in choosing the
best "clothing" for Pi3/4, considering this remote setup with 12v
solar pannels, regulator (about 19v to 12v battery) and a fan to
extract heat and/or humidity from a "sealed box".---> Waiting for the new NW aluminium caseĀ 

HF destroyed one of my first solar regulator but a 30ish USD Amazon
unit seems to be less sensible. Where shall I place ferrites (or other
protections) ?

Any hints welcome.

73 frm HB9DUW