NWDR16 image release announcement

Basil Gunn

Latest RPi image has been updated to at
this location:

There were 8 image releases last year. This is the 2nd release of
2020, there may be one more this year.

You do NOT have to download the latest image to run the lastest
kernel/programs. You can get the most up-to-date kernels/programs by
doing the following with your current running image:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
cd n7nix
git pull
cd config

You can verify & update image program versions with these scripts:


The script maintains current versions of these HAM programs:
js8call wsjtx flxmlrpc fldigi flrig flmsg flamp fllog

Current version numbers of programs on the image are kept here:

Before you update your image, capture any configuration changes you
might have made like current alsamixer settings. Run &
make a copy of result.

It is recommend having at least 2 mSD cards & not over writing your
current mSD card. NOTE: MINIMUM recommended microSD card size is 16GB.

Please follow the "Getting Started Guide" from the UDRC Wiki.

The current image has Linux kernel (4.19.97) that includes Anna's main
line TI tlv320aic device driver which supports the UDRC / UDRC II & DRAWS
hats. To view the changelog for this kernel go here:

Included in this image is gpsd ver 3.20.

NOTE: Direwolf version 'dev 1.6 E' has a problem building & running
with version 3.20 gpsd since the gpsd program updated their API version
number which is NOT handled by direwolf.
See reported issue here:
If you use direwolf as an app that uses gps instead of just a sound
modem do not use this image, or install gpsd version 3.19.

On first boot, if you have an attached monitor, you will see the piwiz
configuration screen used on current Raspbian images.

If you are using a Raspberry Pi 4 and your monitor is blank then add
this to /boot/config.txt to use HDMI safe mode.

If you have any problems with this image please include:
- output of script with your problem description.
- *ALL* console output showing the problem

Changes since last release:

* Image NWDR16 release
* Packet:
* Fix BBS install script & version check for version 7.0.9
* Add aprx install script
* Add missing Xastir run time library
* Fix RMS Gateway stat directory permissions.
* Add support for APRS client nixtracker
* Add alsa settings support for Alinco DR-x35 radios.
* Fix Setting direwolf SSID to 10 as already used.
* HF:
* Fixes for ardop-start, &
* ardop & arim functional install working
* Update all HF programs to current versions.
* Both HF & packet:
* Make split channel work on HF for right mDin6 connector.
* Fix
* Make some alsa settings scripts UDRC II aware

Git log for n7nix repository since NWDR15 release:

HEAD~0 10b1f0f NWDR16 image final release.
HEAD~1 01582c9 Change radio receive out audio/disc to disc when switching to 9600 baud.
HEAD~2 fa1be2b Display direwolf version.
HEAD~3 6d3b70b Fix parse of is_splitchan result.
HEAD~4 0931121 Make PACLINIK-UNIX-IMAP_INSTALL default install file.
HEAD~5 aeaf769 Remove
HEAD~6 51597e0 Merge paclink-unix INSTALL & IMAP_INSTALL files.
HEAD~7 2f2ad54 Update for current scripts & warn about using WiFi.
HEAD~8 65e349c Refresh documentation.
HEAD~9 dbc113e Add missing dbgecho function.
HEAD~10 a30d218 Add missing dbgecho function.
HEAD~11 1383d61 NWDR16 image release.
HEAD~12 888c476 Check for duplicate SSID used in direwolf config.
HEAD~13 76791ec Remove requirement to run setalsa- programs as root.
HEAD~14 8863760 Upgrade installed program version numbers.
HEAD~15 a001f6c Update bbs install instructions
HEAD~16 70abe85 Update port.conf in ax25 directory.
HEAD~17 e08b099 Update way plu image gets installed.
HEAD~18 f73d46f Add punctuation for clarity
HEAD~19 db37cdc Add document on how to setup both DRAWS ports.
HEAD~20 564fe19 delete generic file name
HEAD~21 86a16d9 Use cmake, output libgps error message, change version to dev
HEAD~22 8b73cde Change install to
HEAD~23 eeb53cb Add comment about download URL
HEAD~24 1df62b4 Take out force, as it breaks version number of file to download
HEAD~25 1f24140 Force a new build if current build is not same as current source version.
HEAD~26 f9a69b3 Add missing dbgecho function.
HEAD~27 7d9be68 Reduce console output by redirecting to a log file, display a few settings after store.
HEAD~28 bef4ec5 Fix getting version number from SourceForge.
HEAD~29 c5b4a16 Add alsa settings for Alinco DR-235 MkIII
HEAD~30 5962326 Make it obvious this is only a reference file.
HEAD~31 5d059d3 Change order of running consoles so rig control is running first.
HEAD~32 3e56cfd Add link to example config.json file
HEAD~33 5d79ed9 Add center/dial frequency note.
HEAD~34 f200c3f Make consoles required more obvious.
HEAD~35 62227fc Add script command line usage
HEAD~36 7f79b35 Remove second usage function & update correct usage function.
HEAD~37 8fb2f78 Add comment regarding gArim
HEAD~38 e56f0df Add notes on running PAT with ARDOP
HEAD~39 25d872e Changes for ic-7300 configuration.
HEAD~40 e86eef2 Make udrc II aware.
HEAD~41 319e5ea Parameterize backup file name
HEAD~42 6ebdff0 Make tm-v71a script work for both udrc II & draws hats.
HEAD~43 545e498 Update README to include, ic-7300 & kx2
HEAD~44 76b793b Add note about UDRC II GPIO pin.
HEAD~45 f43d9e9 Check if root for sudo alsactl store.
HEAD~46 d95aa0a Fix for udrc II.
HEAD~47 15fcfc4 Add note for using UDRC II hat.
HEAD~48 5f69aa6 Specify GPIO=12 for left mDin6 connector.
HEAD~49 3e82d91 Initial entry, few instructions to test ardop with arim.
HEAD~50 c3f991b Use sudo with apt-get install.
HEAD~51 a63b29e Increment arim version number to 2.8
HEAD~52 04f35ff Udate usage output & make portname variable consistent.
HEAD~53 7673bed Make portname variable consistent.
HEAD~54 ae727d2 Make portname variable consistent.
HEAD~55 4b32b59 Renamed splt_install to split_ctrl & includes uninstall & status.
HEAD~56 2acf406 Fix spelling of uninstall script.
HEAD~57 a3fb7fd Activate second channel in direwolf config file.
HEAD~58 c6e16de Make benign if run more than once.
HEAD~59 b0bdd24 Add Raspbian SD Card Copier entry.
HEAD~60 c8eb1fe Add links to programs used.
HEAD~61 64a467d Add doc file describing how to back-up an RPi mSD card.
HEAD~62 f2318a8 Add comments about IP addresses that are blocked.
HEAD~63 3392088 Make executable.
HEAD~64 61a5647 Add uninstall script for splitchannel.
HEAD~65 0495ded Make consistent with script, edit port.conf file.
HEAD~66 0d9f7b4 Get rid of spurious characters.
HEAD~67 7bc385c Display lat/lon in formats aprx can use.
HEAD~68 29d3720 White space.
HEAD~69 d133f7a Use port.conf file for split channel config.
HEAD~70 b312cef Support split channel HF right mDin6 connector.
HEAD~71 af1702b Add reference for discriminator out.
HEAD~72 67d1a0d Change tense.
HEAD~73 36fc978 Add script for setting up Sceptre E16 monitor on RPi 4
HEAD~74 0ed34ff Add install split channel notes.
HEAD~75 eacae4b Copy static IP utility to local bin.
HEAD~76 9de823d Remove referenses to messenger.
HEAD~77 64447ad Make some checks as functions & convert from static to dynamic IP easily.
HEAD~78 c5d904c Add toggling between fixed & dynamic IP address.
HEAD~79 8049b1c Rename to
HEAD~80 059638c Add documentation for using port.conf speed/split channel config file.
HEAD~81 34263ff Change upgrade to dist-upgrade.
HEAD~82 04429b9 Set config to default.
HEAD~83 765f65c Fix left/right receive signal output config.
HEAD~84 7a822a1 Fix command line parsing for second arg.
HEAD~85 33c1a5d Turn off debug switch.
HEAD~86 8895e6a Get rid of excessive output.
HEAD~87 6ce5eeb Use single config file for speed & split sound card setup.
HEAD~88 712fc3d Parameterize icon start/stop file names for easy icon change.
HEAD~89 1ec4b78 Add option to just display kissparms.
HEAD~90 8b99408 Use port.conf file for baud rate & split channel.
HEAD~91 88ece2a Fix variable spelling error.
HEAD~92 d776a4b Add display of IN1 & IN2 to opposite resistors.
HEAD~93 6ae4e3f Add display if port.conf file not found.
HEAD~94 50f12db Set path for setalsa &
HEAD~95 76dec53 Add comment for required program.
HEAD~96 f739128 Add comment for possible speed choices.
HEAD~97 983eac3 Add log rotate to install.
HEAD~98 b0a112b Fix name of service to restart
HEAD~99 5d87289 Add comments & check for existence of log file directory.
HEAD~100 7dde29c Add Winlink single connection test.
HEAD~101 3f731a8 Add function to parse port config file.
HEAD~102 4109c71 Display port baudrates in direwolf & port config files
HEAD~103 3ea6130 Only call kissparms for a configured port.
HEAD~104 f49f123 Fix gridsquare entry to gobble everything after '='.
HEAD~105 bf94a7e Check rmsgw crontab entry.
HEAD~106 0f6f73d Add prototype port configuration file.
HEAD~107 de052fb Add command line arg for speed status check.
HEAD~108 b77ca55 Add note about IC-7100 from Winlink forum
HEAD~109 a5650fe Add comment regarding only 2 modems configured.
HEAD~110 305d0a7 Detect whether ifupdown or systemd netplan is used to manage Network interfaces, display link status of interfaces.
HEAD~111 41bfff6 Make comment consistent with function name
HEAD~112 fa4ba39 Add newline at end of file.
HEAD~113 74c5f41 Add script to update tracker server & web files.
HEAD~114 c87fc42 setuid on xastir so it will work with Linux AX.25
HEAD~115 e361e0b Change destination directory name for local bin to be more obvious.
HEAD~116 e719980 Get satelite count from gngga sentence.
HEAD~117 8d9bb43 Better comment about installing gpsd from source, make console output more visible.
HEAD~118 d4908e6 Change ax25-device entry to
HEAD~119 bf88581 Add pcmanfm re-install at end of core
HEAD~120 4558b1a White space edit.
HEAD~121 1968cc0 Add aprx to table of installed programs.
HEAD~122 1dee4b9 White space, comments & log file entry.
HEAD~123 dfd436c Change systemctl start to restart & put at end of script to enable any config changes.
HEAD~124 0ddec02 Add comments to clarify 2 routines used to get gps sentences.
HEAD~125 7258f5a Add 2 calls for different gps sentences for aprx beacon & filter, make config generic.
HEAD~126 2832b07 Add aprx install script.
HEAD~127 9d65bb8 Change example crontab to use local bin directory.
HEAD~128 34a0b56 Add tracker files to local bin directory
HEAD~129 0453c96 Add tracker-status
HEAD~130 d5f0d32 Make tracker-restart functional.
HEAD~131 1dd9826 Add callsign & gps type configuration for conf file.
HEAD~132 abd192b Build a user list before verifying username.
HEAD~133 eaf333e Add comment to build gpsd before direwolf.
HEAD~134 7a83f4b Make ax25 start/stop scripts icon aware.
HEAD~135 a377816 Fix permissions when copying ax25 icon desktop file
HEAD~136 a8caf57 Fix spelling in ChangeLog

John Spoonhower

Basil, after running the refresh and version check scripts, this is what I am seeing for the ./hfprogs/ script:
pi@draws:~/n7nix $ ./hfprogs/
js8call: current version: 2.1.1, installed: 2.1.1
wsjtx:   current version: 2.1.2, installed: 2.1.2
Library: libflxmlrpc IS loaded.
flxmlrpc:  current version: 0.1.4, installed: 0.1.4
fldigi:  current version: 4.1.12, installed: 4.1.12
fldigi: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
fldigi version built () does not match source version (4.1.12)
flrig:  current version: 1.3.50, installed: 1.3.50
flmsg:  current version: 4.0.14, installed: 4.0.14
flamp:  current version: 2.2.05, installed: 2.2.05
fllog:  current version: 1.2.6, installed: 1.2.6

73, John, NX2I

Basil Gunn

Since I don't see a symptom of this problem with the lastest image
nwdr16.img I assume you are updating an older image.

If I search the udrc forums I find this entry form last July:,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,,20,2,0,32661582

ldconfig -p | grep -i libjpeg (libc6,hard-float) => /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ (libc6,hard-float) => /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/

To install libjpeg9-dev

sudo apt-get install libjpeg9-dev

Now ldconfig should display

ldconfig -p | grep -i libjpeg (libc6,hard-float) => /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ (libc6,hard-float) => /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ (libc6,hard-float) => /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/

John Spoonhower <> writes:

Basil, after running the refresh and version check scripts, this is what I am seeing for the ./hfprogs/ script:
pi@draws:~/n7nix $ ./hfprogs/
js8call: current version: 2.1.1, installed: 2.1.1
wsjtx: current version: 2.1.2, installed: 2.1.2
Library: libflxmlrpc IS loaded.
flxmlrpc: current version: 0.1.4, installed: 0.1.4
fldigi: current version: 4.1.12, installed: 4.1.12
fldigi: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
fldigi version built () does not match source version (4.1.12)
flrig: current version: 1.3.50, installed: 1.3.50
flmsg: current version: 4.0.14, installed: 4.0.14
flamp: current version: 2.2.05, installed: 2.2.05
fllog: current version: 1.2.6, installed: 1.2.6