NWDR19 --rmsgw-Thank you


Basil, Anna, John, and all of the people that make this possible: Thank you very much.

I have been able to install the image and follow the directions on the wiki, and was able to run the script and install the rmsgw and now my community is able to use TG9AOR-10 on VHF via Winlink.

Initially I had installed PAT Winlink on the UDRCII and tried to connect with a Winlink Client with no success, it only got to the handshake portion of the transmission and then PAT Winlink reported an unexpected EOF transmission. I then installed RMS Packet on a windows 10 machine and connected to the UDRCII via the LAN, but the station that tried to connect could not. I then shut down the RMS Packet and ran the rmsgw script and it is now operational.

The time and effort you contribute to this project allows me to help my community. I am very grateful.