locked sticky Using the discussion topics #support


Hi Everyone.

First of all thank you for your testing, observations, suggestions, and requests for help via the established groups on groups.io

This allows the folks at NW Digital Radio and others to answer once and everyone can benefit.

A few important requests:
  1. Use the right sub-group for you topic (e.g. draws and udrc to https://nw-digital-radio.groups.io/g/udrc and so forth)
  2. Use subject line hashtags, e.g. #fldigi for topics about fldigi. If you use the web interface you can click on hashtags in the subject and see all postings related to that topic, including previous conversations.  Also you can search them in your email.  This helps with organizing information and doing your research on a topic.
  3. Place one and only only one issue per topic, with  a matching hashtag, and create separate topics for each issue so that a thread can be established for a topic/issue.  E.g. don't place an AX.25 and D-STAR issue in the same topic, unless it is specific to an interaction of the two (rare), create a topic for each.
  4. Be thorough in your description, e.g. radio, which port, which application, configuration, etc. Others can't figure out what is going on without sufficient information.
Again, thank you for using NW Digital Radio products and services and your valuable insights.


John D. Hays