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NW Digital Radio has discovered that a few UDRC-II units were incorrectly flashed and identify as a UDRC (original).

This only applies to UDRC-II boards, flashing an original UDRC will not give newer functionality and will make your 1st generation UDRC incorrectly identify itself to programs. 

To discover if your UDRC-II is affected issue the following command:

cat /proc/device-tree/hat/product

It should return the string:

Universal Digital Radio Controller II

If not, then the board should be re-flashed and is under NW Digital Radio's recall for UDRC-II devices so affected.

You have two options:

1. Return the board to NW Digital Radio where the EEPROM will be reprogrammed.

2. Reprogram the EEPROM yourself following these steps:

Download and unzip the programming image from (copy the URL to your browser, use anonymous FTP, or wget)

Create a SD Card using the resulting image file following the instructions for your operating system as listed here, using this image file in place of an OS image.

Shutdown the Raspberry Pi and remove power.

Locate JP2 on the board

Replace the Compass Linux SD Card in your Raspberry Pi with the one you just created.

Create a conductive jumper between the two holes at JP2, and press firmly while applying power.  You will see the system boot and run the programmer. Continue to hold the jumper firmly in place until the program says "Done!" and halts.

Remove power and the programmer SD Card.  Insert the Compass Linux SD Card and restore power.

Verify the programming by repeating the test:

cat /proc/device-tree/hat/product

and looking for the reply of 

Universal Digital Radio Controller II

Upon seeing this reply, your EEPROM on the UDRC II is reprogrammed.