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Running FLdigi with the Yaesu FT-817

Radio Configuration

Set Radio for Digital Mode Operation (SSB-Based AFSK)

  • Use a mDin6 cable without pin 6, Squelch connected (I wiggled pin 6 until it broke)
    • Looking into the male mDin 6 connector with the key on top, its the upper right hand pin
    • Verify this as it is easy to get it wrong
Setup "USER" defined digital mode
  • Please refer to your Yaesu manual "Digital Mode Operations (SSB-Based AFSK)"

  • Menu #24 DIG DISP: display shift

    • 0 Hz
  • Menu #25 DIG MIC: AFSK drive level

    • 61
  • Menu #26 DIG MODE: User defined digital mode

    • USER-U
  • Menu #27 DIG SHIFT: transceiver passband response

    • 0 Hz

RPi - ALSA Configuration

  • Run which sets alsa config to the following:

    • Note that this sets AFOUT

      PCM	        L:[-16.50dB]	R:[-16.50dB]
      ADC Level	L:[-2.00dB]	R:[-2.00dB]
      LO Driver Gain  L:[-6.00dB]	R:[-6.00dB]
      IN1		L:[Off]		R:[Off]
      IN2		L:[10 kOhm]	R:[10 kOhm]
  • Run to verify

FLdigi Configuration

  • There are some very good FLdigi instructions for the udrc here
    • These instructions differ for the DRAWS HAT:
    • FLdigi has already been downloaded & built on the DRAWS image
    • DRAWS swapped the PTT gpio settings for left & right connector compared to UDRC II.
  • Run FLdigi by using the main desktop menu (upper left corner of desktop) > Internet > Fldigi
  • These instructions are for FLdigi controlling the PTT with the RPi GPIO
    • RigCat or FlRig are not used.
Select Configure > Soundcard
  • Select the Devices tab:
    • Select PortAudio and deselect all others
    • The following assumes that the internal RPi sound device is not enabled
    • Select udrc: - (hw:0,0) for both Capture and Playback
Select Configure > Rig Control
Left  Channel PTT gpio is BCM 12
Right Channel PTT gpio is BCM 23
Select Configure > Sound Card > Audio > Right Channel
  • To select the Right Channel tab do the following:
    • Check the reverse left/right channels checkbox for both Transmit & Receive
  • To select the Left Channel do the following:
    • Clear the reverse left/right channels checkbox
Select Op Mode
  • ie for Olivia 8-250
    • Op Mode > Olivia > OL 8-250

For FLdigi do NOT set Radio for Packet (1200/9600 bps FM) Operation

Running packet apps with the Yaesu FT-817

Radio Options

Set Radio for Packet 1200/9600 bps FM Operations

  • Please refer to your Yaesu manual "Packet 1200/9600 bps FM Operations"

  • Menu #39 (PKT MIC) allows adjusting drive level.

  • Menu #40 (PKT RATE) to select AFOUT(1200 bps) or DISCOUT (9600 bps)

  • Note different connections are used for 1200 & 9600 (AFOUT & DISCOUT)

  • If you are having trouble connecting due to insufficient or excessive drive from the TNC to the FT-817

    • use Menu #39 (PKT MIC) to set the drive. for 1200/9600 BPS FM packet, Page 41
    • Depends on DIG MODE setting: RTTY, PSK31-L or -U, USER-L or -U
    • -L lower side band, -U upper side band
    • use Menu #25 (Dig MIC) to adjust DATA input level for PSK, Page 22
  • Use some "test" protocol to send out test tones and adjust the deviation by rotating the DIAL knob, which will vary the data input level to the FT-817's modulator. Remember to press and hold in the F key for one second when adjustments are completed, so as to save the new setting for Menu #39


  • ALSA settings
    • Use IN1_L IN1_R for 9600 baud (DISCOUT)
    • Use IN2_L IN2_R for 1200 baud or less (AFOUT)