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ircDDBGateway Configuration using ircddbgatewayconfig

This example is on Compass Linux for the UDRC as dstarrepeater 1

Install ircddbgateway (GUI) and ircddbgatewayd (daemon)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ircddbgateway ircddbgatewayd

This install will also install ircddbgatewayconfig

Start the ircddbgatewayconfig tool in a terminal

sudo ircddbgatewayconfig

It may take a long time to startup, perhaps 2 minutes.

The ircddbgatewayconfig tool has a series of tabs

Gateway Tab

Set the Callsign to the callsign you have registered at or to your callsign if you do not have a registration.

Setting the Local HB Address to will cause ircddbgateway to listen on all IPv4 addresses on the computer.  This is useful if you have other repeaters at different IP addresses.  If all repeaters are attached to the same computer, then use Leave the Local HB Port at the default 20010. The Icom settings should be left as set, in case you have an Icom ID-RP2C attached, now or in the future.

Repeater 1 - 1st Tab

Leave the Address at for a dstarrepeater (UDRC) that is on the same computer.  The Port is the UDP port the dstarrepeater is configured to listen on, the default for the first repeater is 20011. Leave the port at the default unless you have more than one device attached.  The IP address and port may need  to be changed if you have additional repeaters attached to the gateway.

You may also set a default Reflector and whether to connect at Startup and whether to Reconnect after a period of inactivity or to stay continuously linked to a fixed reflector.

Repeater 1 - 2nd Tab

This tab is self explanatory.

Additional Repeaters

Follow the same steps for additional repeaters.  Note how a different IP address can be used if the dstarrepeater (UDRC or Other) is on the LAN or even over the Internet.

If this repeater was on the same computer, the Address would be and at a different UDP port, like 20012.

A Repeater on an Icom ID-RP2D

ircDDB Network Setup

For registered gateways, enable ircDDB, select the server Hostname (Group2-irc in the Americas, Group1-irc for the rest of the world). Along with the Username and Password from your registration.

For unregistered gateways, enable ircDDB, select the server Hostname ( your callsign as the Username. Leave the Password empty.

You can be connected to both networks.

Enable DPRS Reporting

Enable and put in an APRS-IS Hostname and Port.

Enable DExtra 

This is for XRF reflectors and gateway to gateway linking as well as AMBE device (ThumbDV/PiDV/...) connections.

Enable DPlus

This will connect to REF reflectors as a hotspot style connection, as well as gateway and AMBE device connections.  The Login is a US Trust registered callsign, use your personal callsign if you don't have a club callsign registered as a user. 

Enable DCS/CCS

This allows connection to DCS reflectors and initiating CCS links.  Select a CCS Server

Enable Remote Control

Select a Password and UDP Port. This allows remote control of the gateway through programs including applications for the iPhone and Android.

Miscellaneous Functions

Select your preferred Language and various functions.

Save and Exit

Save your configuration, which is stored in a file at /etc/opendv/ircddbgateway in Compass Linux.  Exit the program.